Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I enjoyed doing the various 23 exercises and learning about so many different information gathering and communication options. I especially enjoyed Youtube.
It has opened my eyes to the interesting ways a person can learn and communicate.
I like the way you can personalize a blog and communicate with people from different backgrounds.
I checked out Project Gutenberg.
I would enjoy listening to the books while driving or working in the yard.
I think this is an excellent way to create interest for reading among young people and a way to stimulate the elderly who have failing eyesight. Another good thing about these books has to do with using an alternative method to learn about things of interest or new things which are applicable to a person's work or hobbies.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I added a RSS feed for a sports podcast to my Bloglines account. The use of podcasts gives a person a tool to access portable information about a variety of subjects and hard to find items.
Week 9
I like the variety of music videos. I chose this site because it blends two of my favorite types of music performed by two of my favorite performers from each genre, George Jones and Vestal Goodman.

Angel Band


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 8

I created an account on Zoho Writer and published the document on my blog. The Zoho writer gives you access to office related tools without using costly software.

I explored travel on the Web 2.0 Awards List. Farecast allows the user to compare rates and overall cost of a trip. It provides more information and useful tools.

zoho writer

George Todd's  recent energy management inspection of the central office gives strong indication of what each of us can do differently to help save money.


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